The Sex Worker Alliance of Nevada

Who We Are:

SWAN is a community-led movement creating sanctuary spaces that support, validate, and celebrate, Nevada Sex Workers. We are a group of strippers, escorts, porn performers, brothel workers, and cam performers who work in the state of Nevada and have come together over the belief that every person, no matter their job or socioeconomic status, deserves to be safe and free from harrassment by the state.

Our Mission Statement:

SWAN is a community-led movement creating sanctuary spaces which support, validate and celebrate Nevada sex workers.

Vision Statement:

SWAN envisions a world in which sex workers have total power over their lives and thrive with support, respect, and solidarity of their communities. 


SWAN prioritizes sex worker safety by centering privacy and healthy boundary setting. We take proactive steps to prevent harm by acknowledging and challenging the systems that are designed to hurt us, and actively building our own systems of support.

SWAN practices deep, intentional connection it our relationships. Fighting isolation, these friendships create networks of care which build love and support for the NV SW community. 

SWAN is committed to accountability. We hold sacred transparency, honesty, and responsibility for the real world consequences of our actions. When making decisions, we consider the potential impact and make necessary course adjustments when that impact does not match our intent. We humbly accept when our knowledge is found to be insufficient and are dedicated to the practice of learning how to do (and be) better. 

SWAN remains impartial and inclusive of the diverse needs and varied experiences of sex workers in order to create an environment in which all can thrive.

SWAN is building a legacy that goes beyond the present moment by honoring the history of the movement, looking forward optimistically, and establishing sustainable models that will allow the work to continue after we are gone.

What We Do:

In addition to the very important work of supporting each other emotionally, sharing resources and information, and helping each other diversify our income SWAN works with the surrounding community as well.

We hold workshops, trainings and educational presentations for our allies and community partners. We organize and host events such as the International Whore's Day March and Rally, and the December 17th vigil. We also host social events such as dance classes and clothing swaps just for sex workers.

Our members show up to testify at bill hearings that are relevant to our industry and team up to meet with lawmakers who are open to hearing our stories. We also have many community partners with non-profits that are doing similar work because united we are stronger in our fight for safety and freedom.