The Sex Worker Alliance of Nevada

Street Based Outreach Project- We are teaming up to provide street based sex workers with basic necessities to make work safer and connections to our community of care. We stroll on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. We could always use help in providing material goods to those we meet. Our goal is to provide connection and harm reduction materials. Please check out our wishlist to help us out! Are you in need of harm reduction materials? We have condoms, lube, Plan B, pregnancy tests, kits to test drugs/medications, and fentanyl test kits. Send an email or text us 702-381-9399

Sex Worker Community Panel-SWAN will be working alongside Gender Justice Nevada and the Sin City Sisters to present on-going panels to educate the public on the best practices for interacting with the sex worker community and giving them accurate information from the community, allowing sex workers to speak for themselves. Panels are open to the public, and are on-going projects. Please follow us on Twitter or Instagram

Safe Harbor Proposal- We are actively engaged with progressive community based groups as well as law makers to craft legislation for the 2021 session with harm reduction, racial justice and decarceration in mind while centering the experiences of sex workers within the criminal justice system. Our bill has been heavily influenced by the injustices faced by Cyntoia Brown Long and Chrystul Kizer, publicized in recent years. We are pleased to announce that our Bill Draft Resolution has recieved a bill number and will be SB57! We will be announcing ways that you can help us win a victory for sex workers in the 2021 legislative session. Please follow our social media for calls to action on this bill!

SW Solidarity and Support Space- in partnership with Gender Justice we host a free weekly online support space for sex workers only. We meet every Thursday from 1:30-3pm on Thursdays. This is a supportive, safe, judgement free space for all people in any segment of the adult industry. Message 702-381-9399 for more infomation on attending. 

Are you interested in helping with our projects? We're always interested in finding community support, building coalitions and welcoming new sex workers with diverse perspectives to help us do our work. Please contact us directly for meeting dates!