The Sex Worker Alliance of Nevada

Current Community Resource Offerings:

Supplies- If you are in need of harm reduction supplies like clean needles, pregnancy tests, dental dams, internal condoms, fentanyl test strips, etc. you can contact our sister org SWAID Vegas

Legal- we can help seal records in Nevada and provide an attorney at no cost to you to help seal criminal records. Contact us directly!

PUA- We collaborated on a guide to help sex worker in NV get PUA. If you're having trouble getting PUA benefits during the pandemic, please read our guide:

Mutual Aid Fund- SWAid Vegas is providing a limited monthly microgrants to sex workers in Vegas, visit the website to apply:

Here are some other local resources in the Nevada and Las Vegas areas:



The Center:

free rapid HIV testing and condom closet

401 S. Maryland PWKY


PrEP locator:


PEP: (post exposure prophylactic- used in the case of possible or accidental exposure to HIV) @ Planned Parenthood, all locations (702) 878-7776 PEP can also be accessed at any emergency room.


PrEP & PEP tools:


Sexual Health Clinic:

 reduced cost/free full panel testing, PrEP, PEP  (702) 759-0702


Community Outreach Medical:

For those living with HIV, or HIV positive partners: services, grants, transportation, nutrition assistance, medication assistance, Ryan White Grant. Also providing low cost family planning contraceptives



Needle exchange, pregnancy, HIV, and HepC testing, Naloxone 702-840-6693


Sliding Scale/Low Cost Medical Services:

  • Southern Nevada Health District- family planning, immunizations, low cost STD clinic 702-759-1000

  • Hope Clinic, Medical+Dental 702-952-9564 

  • Nevada Health Centers (multiple locations) 800-787-2568 

  • Planned Parenthood  702-547-9888 (IUD, condoms, abortion services, STD- some free services)


Sin City Sisters:

providing assistance to those needing to fill in the gap for HIV medications. Providing condoms, community for HIV+ individuals.


HIV/AIDS positive with income at or under 80% of area median. Short term emergency financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utility, and move-in costs. AIDS program (702) 382 2326



Help for Victims of Crime:


National Center for Victims of Crime:

Call 855-4-VICTIM (855-484-2846) service referral 



SW Positive Mental Health and Therapy Services


SW Support and Solidarity Group: No cost, open group 1:30-3pm every Thursday. Email or DM us for more information.

Contact us at for more information or for a list of sex worker friendly counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists.



Community and National Organizations:


Cupcake Girls:

A community organization supporting and advocating for workers in the industry, with therapy, crisis and emergency care, domestic violence shelter, financial aid, GED, safe house connection, trauma support in the Las Vegas area.


Free Speech Coalition:

offering Performer Subsidy Fund (financial support for up to three PASS/Talent Tests a month) Industry Newcomer Support Program (mentoring program) They administer the PASS database. 


Desiree Alliance:

Community advocates for harm reduction, community connection, activism, accurate research.


Adult Performers Advocacy Committee

providing resources and endorsement for safe adult entertainment companies, and talent agencies as well as mentoring, community meetings (mostly in Los Angeles).



Sex Worker’s Outreach Project 

Community Support Hotline: 877-776-2400 (x1) online resources, hotline, webinars, safety information, referrals and ally resources



Resources, advocacy, and referrals for incarcerated sex workers.


We Are Dancers-

Help, rights, and other information for dancers in the US