The Sex Worker Alliance of Nevada

Clothing Swap Event

March 8th- 4pm

    We are excited to host a Sex Worker's clothing swap on March 8th! Please RSVP for the address! 

    General Meeting Announcement

    March 5th

      Please join us for our general meeting on March 5th directly following the Sex Worker's support group on Thursday March 5th, at 3:15, childcare, transportation, snacks provided, please RSVP


      The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2019

        Hello friends and allies!

        We are really excited about our upcoming speaking engagement at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington D.C.! It is hosted by the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, and this year they are partnering with SWOP-USA to create an educational environment centered around sex worker issues.

        We will be talking about SWAN and the challenges and triumphs that we face as an organization that is dedicated to organizing across the sectors of sex work. Sex work is a very diverse industry and it can be challenging to bring people together from such different backgrounds and with wildly ...